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1- Do you have many household items on “To Do" lists that never seem to get       done?

2- Do you have lots of great ideas to re-decorate, re-paint, re-furbish, re-light &      red-do items in your home but zero time to even get started?

3- Do you have a dryer that doesn't dry, a dishwasher that won't wash, lights           that don't illuminate, a garden in chaos, and faucets that drip in the night?

4- Do you have a dream trip you want to plan or amazing event you want to         host- but haven't been able to take the first steps yet?



 Does this describe you and your home?

Concierge and Property Management in NYC

* Manage your home, whether you are in residence in Manhattan or out of town.

* Orchestrate all types of repairs and home maintenance.

* Oversee carpentry, plumbing, electrical, gardening, specialty cleaning, painting,      artwork handling, appliance issues, furniture & antique repairs, and emergency  services.

* Provide personal concierge services in Manhattan.

* Organization of seasonal services like garden upkeep, snow removal, vacation  home  openings or closings, or moving belongings from NYC to Florida or the  Hamptons.

* Manage your household staff, or hire you a new staff.

* Provide personal assistance, custom travel coordination, assist with  special    purchases, to running errands around Manhattan.

* Property management NYC for all types of private homes and all types of  homeowners!

* Luxury concierge services in Manhattan

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Who we are~

Your personal luxury concierge service experts in NYC

Experienced in the personal service industry since 1994, we have worked on all types of properties for all types of people - - from fashionistas to hedge fund masters, from actors to artists. We are confident we can make your life more relaxed and enjoyable as we take care of the pesky areas of home ownership. Besides being hands-on, we have experienced expert service technicians at the ready from Manhattan to Montauk.  We are local and small enough to give a high level of personal individualized custom service to each client at all times. With no large yearly fees or vast office spaces to maintain, we can be your source for every project, no matter the size.


                  We are one of the most experienced high end nyc property management companies complete with personal & luxury concierge services  in Manhattan!

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