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Unmatched Property Management and Personal Concierge Services in NYC


Katy's foray into the realm of luxury property management wasn't exactly a “career choice.”  It unfolded naturally, when her post-graduate summer job on a Southampton estate evolved into a six-year tenure. Initially tasked with summer housekeeping and washing cars, her responsibilities quickly expanded, embracing a diverse range of duties including overseeing the vast landscape and garden upkeep and the orchestration of grand beachside gatherings for hundreds. She’d regularly pick up A-list movie stars at the Dune Road heliport in the family's Bentley Shadow, and on weekends, she was tasked with finding a perfectly prepared pasta dish or Coca Cola in “small glass bottles” for their rock and roll royalty guests. 


This inherent flair for enhancing and nurturing personal spaces has run in the family since 1913. The Hines have always been synonymous with quality construction.  Katy shares this passion with her brother, Tim Hine, who has made a name for himself as founder of Hine Builders, a distinguished home builder in Connecticut. They share a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the sanctity of personal spaces. 

With a wealth of hands-on experience and a nuanced understanding of the luxuries and intricacies of sophisticated living, Katy embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, establishing her bespoke property management and concierge service. Her firm caters to a discerning clientele, offering a spectrum of tailored services that extend well beyond the conventional scopes of property management.

Katy's narrative is a testament to her unwavering passion, steadfast dedication, and lifelong devotion to the artistry of home management, underpinned by a rich legacy of family tradition in creating and maintaining beautiful, functional spaces.


Construction in our family dates back to 1913.

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