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Property Management Services

When you put it on our list, you can take it off yours.

For 30 years we’ve worked for the most particular, fastidious clientele and homeowners. Under our meticulous management, every aspect of your home is tended to with precision and care. Our comprehensive suite of services guarantees your home operates seamlessly.  

Our Private Home Management Services are present in buildings on some of the most prestigious streets of Manhattan – Fifth Avenue, East 62nd Street, Broome Street, Greene Street, Mercer Street, Perry  Street and many more. 

Our Bespoke Services


Ensuring your home is guest-ready for friends, family, and colleagues.  Guests arrive at a home with a pantry stocked, wine cooler full, and flowers fresh. We perform regular home checks of all systems from hvac equipment to kitchen appliances. 



Our network of white-glove tradesmen is unrivaled, known for their exceptional craftsmanship. We schedule and oversee work onsite, and negotiate contracts on your behalf for: custom renovations, precise repairs,  interior or façade maintenance, terrace or balcony gardening, and emergency services. 

Acting as your dedicated representative, we manage household tasks, extensive repairs, and routine maintenance, ensuring every detail is impeccably addressed.



Careful management of your prized art, automobiles, and antiques, ensuring their meticulous protection, repair, and maintenance. Acting as a seamless bridge between corporate and household staff we can assist in coordinating complex travel itineraries, curate your thoughtful holiday gifts, and run day to day errands. We can custom tailor specialized projects unique to your needs on your timeline.




Our concierge services are designed to simplify your life, managing errands, custom travel arrangements, and unique acquisitions, adding an unparalleled level of convenience to your daily routine.




Adaptable to your travel and time zone needs for unmatched accessibility on the fly for you and your support staff.



We are equipped to respond promptly to unexpected issues, prioritizing your comfort and safety with rapid, effective solutions, any time night or day.


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