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Tending to an Estate, but It's Not Your Own


As the owner of Exclusive Estate Service and Yacht Detailing, Katy Hine, 32, of Hampton Bays is a roving caretaker and house watcher. She oversees 10 properties from Westhampton to Water Mill. On Mondays, after her clients leave for their primary residences, Ms. Hine checks to see if the  doors and windows are locked and whether they have left a note listing problems that need to be fixed.

Ms. Hine slid into her work when she got a job parking cars on a nine acre oceanfront estate in
Southampton after graduating from Southampton College in 1994. ''It ended up morphing into a six year stint,'' Ms. Hine said.

She washed cars, weeded the garden, arranged for ice cream carts on the beach, increasingly
taking on more responsibilities as part of a staff that also included nannies and housekeepers.
When the estate manager quit suddenly, she was asked to take over, often working from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. She learned when she needed to whisper, tiptoe or take the back stairs.

Three years ago, Ms. Hine started her own caretaking company, catering mostly to two and
three-acre properties on an as-needed basis. Beyond repairs she can do herself, Ms. Hine has a list of service providers that includes orchid distributors, chefs, bartenders and helicopter pilots for getting clients on and off the Island quickly.

''Clients will even call me for medical emergencies,'' Ms. Hine said.

Ms. Hine said she thought it was easier for a caretaker than a homeowner to get things done.
''I act as a liaison between the client and the service,'' Ms. Hine said. ''It's a wonderful thing to call up the plumber at 10 o'clock on Sunday night and say, 'Hi, this is Katy, I need a favor.'''





                                Katy Hine Delivers,
Whether she’s managing properties in Tribeca or the
Upper East Side, Katy Hine has you covered.

For Katy Hine, there is no home management project she—and
her team—haven’t handled. As a luxury concierge specialist,
she’ll arrange for the most detailed repairs and high-end
renovations for her clients, as well as provide personal assistance,
from coordinating detailed travel arrangements to running
errands around Manhattan. Read on as this hands-on home

concierge tells you more:

What is one thing your clients have in common?

They don’t have time to deal with the little idiosyncrasies of
running a fine home. I’m on call when they need me: I specialize
in working for people who don’t always need or want a full-time

Sounds like no day is the same.
That’s what I love about my work. Just today I was looking
for a tiny decorative screw for a door handle that somehow
disappeared. Now, I’m on a rooftop taking photos of holes
that some carpenter bees made in a pergola, and I just finished
a conference call with a landscape architect about replacing
garden lights for another client.

Is there one thing your clients don’t know about you?
After college while still in my early 20s, I started as a housekeeper.
I’ve been a member of a household staff, so I’m able to come
in and easily work with a homeowner’s current staff. It will be
a smooth, seamless transition because every one of us is on the same team.

We all want happy homeowners!


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