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Inside Your Home


  • Check your electrical outlets for potential fire hazards, such as frayed wires or loose-fitting plugs. Make sure outlets, fuse boxes and extension cords are not overloaded.

  • Move your multi-purpose fire extinguisher to an accessible place, and make sure it is filled and ready for operation with the current date!

  • Have your air-conditioning system inspected by a professional as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Check your water heater for leaks and corrosion.

  • Clean or replace your furnace filter.

  • Spring cleaning and organizing!

  • Have the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under the dryer cleaned of lint, dust, and pieces of material.

  • Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure there is one on each floor of your home. Test them monthly, and change the batteries!

  • Check the light bulbs in all your fixtures. Be sure they are the correct wattage as recommended by the manufacturer.


Outside Your Home

  • Check for any damage to your roof.

  • Turn on irrigation and outside water

  • Clean gutters and downspouts to keep debris from accumulating.

  • Remove dead branches

  • Hire a great gardener if you don’t have time to plant and maintain outside space

  • Check outside light bulbs before your next social gathering!

  • Repaint and scrape any loose paint on windows, gates etc

  • Repair cracked, broken or uneven stairs and walkways to provide a level walking surface.

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