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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes!

 As you know, water freezes at 32 degrees, and unfortunately, that includes the water in your household pipes. When water does freeze, there is an expansion of approximately 4%, this is how frozen pipes lead to “broken pipes”, and possibly very costly repairs!


The key to preventing damage is to keep pipes from freezing in the first place. Most susceptible are pipes that run along exterior walls, in unheated cabinets, closets, and any pipes that run through improperly insulated crawlspaces.


To try and prevent frozen pipes, the following suggestions may help:


·Eliminate drafts, repair broken glass in basements and attics, be sure spaces are adequately insulated, and have a tight seal around all exterior windows and doors.


·Have low-temp sensors installed through your security company to alert you or your housewatcher when temperatures inside your home are dangerously low.


·Wrap uninsulated pipes with foam, self-adhesive insulating tape, or have electrified “heat tape” wrapped around pipes.


·Keep doors ajar to rooms that contain pipes, including closets, cabinets and under sinks.


·If possible, beam a small heater or lamp at vulnerable pipes.


-Winterize all outside faucets, as well as irrigation and pool systems.


In addition to these ideas, many homeowners’ prefer to hire a “housewatcher”. This is someone who will check on the inside of your home once or twice a week to look for any damages, to verify that the heat is at an appropriate level for the conditions, to close any forgotten window and doors, and some will even turn off and on the house’s main water supply if necessary. We can efficiently provide this service to you! We are your local, discreet, provider of luxury concierge services NYC and manhattan property management companies!


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